My name is

Laura and I have always hated my name. I was never an arty person but digital design grew on me in the last 8 years. It started by taking a whole afternoon to install photoshop and making some crappy collage with flowers, shadows and bevel and emboss.
After graduating the Faculty of Letters (English-German) I started translating for a small company named Cubus Arts. In a few months Cubus became my home and the place where I did my first HTML integration. I’ll tell you this, it was not perfect. Far from it. However I continued working and with the help of W3schools and my good friend and boss, Andreas, my skills and ability to understand web design architecture became better and better.

Meanwhile I did not forgot about web design and started showing improvements in this domain as well (it took many tutorials and, oh, so many failed attempts). At Cubus I was responsible for webdesign concepts, webprogramming, banners, logos and digital products (presentation CD, Newsletter), introducing and editing content, webpages implementation and maintenance, image processing and translations.
So, it took some years and a master course to get me where I am now. Which takes us to the next step in my professional formation.

Next steps

After three great years with ups and downs, potatoes and lots of snowboarding I left Cubus and my home city to study in Bucharest. I applied and got admitted at the Faculty of Journalism for the Multimedia Production Master Course. During the 2 years I learned a bunch of useful and unuseful but interesting stuff. I became proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, image, audio and video editing. I also learned about e-commerce laws, consumer psychology, digital television, filming and journalism basics.
I always believed that you have the ability to learn whatever you want to learn. During the last 6 years I became self-taught and started using Inkscape, Synfig and Gimp. The same goes for coding. I am in the process of learning and improving my knowledge and skills of using jQuery and Typoscript. I also have experience with WordPress, OpenCms and Joomla.

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